Grindelwald Switzerland is one of the oldest mountain resorts in the Swiss Alps. The beautiful little town is nestled in a valley on the northern side of the Swiss Alps in Bernese Oberland in Central Switzerland about 157 km from Zurich (the nearest airport). It is accessible by both train and by car. Many of the Grindelwald Hotels offer fantastic views of the three mountains visible from Grindelwald Switzerland – Jungfrau, Elger and Mönch. Because Grindelwald is one of the few mountain resorts close to Jungfrau that is accessible by car, it is a popular tourist location for skiers and those who enjoy winter outdoor sports. Grindelwald is the perfect location for visitors who wish to ski the mountains slopes or go cross-country skiing through the Grosse and Kleine Scheidegg ridges.

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Grindelwald is also popular with summer tourists who desire to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and valleys during the warm months of summer. Tourists can find many things to do all year round in Grindelwald. Whether you enjoy hiking, golf, river rafting or mountain biking, you will find something fun to do when you visit Grindelwald. A vacation to this quaint Swiss village is the perfect vacation for the entire family because of the variety of activities and attractions that appeal to all ages. The Grindelwald hotels are some of the finest hotels in the Swiss Alps. The attention to detail and the unsurpassed service are qualities valued by those accustomed to high quality hotels. The hotel staffs are eager to help vacationing couples and families scheduled fun activities and exciting excursions in and around the Grindelwald area. Fine dining at the hotels or within the village adds to the vacation experience for visitors to this area. Traditional and local flavors combine with international cuisine to entice and arouse even the pickiest pallet. When scheduling a Grindelwald vacation, do not forget to make time to visit the local historical museums for a glimpse of the rich Grindelwald history that took this small Swiss rural mountain village from an agricultural community to an international ski resort. You can walk through century-old buildings while watching live demonstrations depicting life in this proud farming village. Learn how the early settlers learned to use the natural resources of the mountains and valleys to create a home for themselves and their descendants. A Grindelwald holiday is a special occasion for your family to play, relax and experience a truly unique vacation experience.