Grindelwald summertime activities and attractions

A Grindelwald hotel is the perfect summertime Swiss Alps family vacation destination. Grindelwald Switzerland is definitely a popular wintertime tourist destination because it is a fantastic Swiss Alps resort for skiers; however, there is much more to this beautiful Alps mountain resort than simply skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports. It is an excellent summertime destination for families searching for a place to relax and play in the Swiss Alps. The mountains come alive in the spring and summer with blankets of flowers and lush, green grass. The mountains and valleys are a perfect setting for Grindelwald summertime sports and activities.
Grindelwald hotels offer a variety of summertime activities such as tennis and swimming in addition to the other summertime excursions and attractions in Grindelwald. For visitors who love to walk and explore nature, Grindelwald has a network of over 300 km of marked hiking paths and trails through the Swiss Alps. Avid walkers will enjoy the beautiful trails and the excellent views of the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau mountain peaks. While hiking through the Alps, hikers can stop at one of many mountain taverns to enjoy a drink and a light meal before continuing onto their destination. Guided mountain climbing is also very popular among tourists in the summertime.
According to the Grindelwald tourism office, mountain biking is another popular summer activity that guests can enjoy when visiting the Swiss Alps. Grindelwald hosts the Eiger Bike Challenge each year where bikers can choose from three courses to race. With over 150 km of bike trails throughout the Jungfrau Region, Grindelwald is an excellent place for bikers to stay during the summer. If you would rather see the Alps from the air, take a paragliding adventure. Float over the mountains to enjoy the best views of the Swiss Alps in Grindelwald. Other exciting Grindelwald adventures include bungy jumping, river rafting, canyon jumping and zip riders. There is never a shortage of things to do in Grindelwald during the summer months.
The mountain lakes and streams offer excellent fishing while also providing a spectacular background for mountain picnics. Enjoy a summer afternoon exploring one of the many mountain areas then sit back, enjoy a lovely picnic lunch and daydream by a soothing mountain stream. Return to your superb Grindelwald accommodations for an afternoon of shopping followed by an evening of dancing, music and entertainment in one of the local taverns or clubs.