How to get to Grindelwald – traveling in Switzerland

Grindelwald Switzerland is located about 98 miles from Zurich in the center of the country. If traveling by car from Zurich to Grindelwald, it will take about three hours to reach the popular Swiss Alps resort. Getting around once you reach Grindelwald is easy. You can drive directly to most Grindelwald hotels; however, because of the excellent public transportation system in Switzerland, it is not necessary to rent a personal car for your Grindelwald vacation. Switzerland has over 26,000 km of public transportation that is managed by The Swiss Travel System making getting around Switzerland easy for tourists. The Swiss Travel System includes trains, buses and ships to transport tourists in comfort to their destinations. Travel times are very reliable so that tourists can plan their Grindelwald vacation and know that they will get to their Grindelwald accommodations on time. Trains depart every half hour, which makes scheduling your Swiss Alps vacation easy. The Swiss Travel System also offers many extras for international travelers that make it an appealing choice of transportation for visitors to Switzerland.
For guests visiting from abroad, all-in-one tickets are great for unlimited travel throughout Switzerland by road, rail and waterway. Many visitors choose to take the panorama routes of the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express. By purchasing special transfer tickets, traveling from Swiss airports and boarder railway stations to Grindelwald is included. Regional passes provide unlimited public transportation in the various regions of Switzerland. Family cards allow children under the age of 16 to travel free when traveling with at least one parent or guardian. This is a great value for families traveling together in Switzerland. Because the Swiss public transportation system is clean and comfortable, traveling with small children to and from your Grindelwald resort is easy, safe and reliable.
Purchasing a Swiss public travel pass also has several advantages in addition to accessing the Swiss Travel System. For example, guests enjoy free use of public transportation in 75 Swiss towns and cities during their stay in Switzerland. Travelers enjoy free admission to more than 470 museums and a discount off most mountain railway ticket prices. Make sure you check with your Grindelwald hotel for special discount programs for travelers who have already purchased their Swiss Travel System tickets.