Grindelwald weather – perfect for your Swiss Alps vacation

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A family vacation to the Swiss Alps sounds wonderful. Whether you are planning to stay in a Grindelwald hotel to enjoy great Alps skiing or visiting Locarno in the summer to enjoy Switzerland’s Italian region, a trip to Switzerland is a memorable vacation. The weather in Switzerland varies because of the drastic changes in altitude from region to region. For example, the Italian region of Switzerland, which includes popular tourist destinations such as Bellinzona, Lugano and Locarno, tends to have a more Mediterranean type of climate. However, the temperatures in Grindelwald, because it is located at a higher altitude, tend to be cooler even in the summer months. Even during the summer, the temperature in the highest parts of the Swiss Alps still tends to be very cold requiring warm coats and extra layers. Towns and villages such as Grindelwald, Zermatt and Diablerets are cold enough to be open for skiing even during the summer months.
The type of activities you want to do while visiting Grindelwald will help you determine the best time of year for a trip to Grindelwald. January is typically the coldest month; therefore, the months before and after are usually very busy for tourists who enjoy wintertime sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Of course, the higher you ascend into the Swiss Alps temperatures will drop more drastically requiring protective winter clothing.
However, the weather in Grindelwald from June through August tends to be quite nice with the warmest month being July. Visitors enjoy a variety of summer outdoor activities during these warmer months such as hiking, bicycling, paragliding and mountain climbing. While the temperatures on top of the Swiss mountains can still be quite cold, the weather during the summer in Grindelwald is quite temperate and comfortable.
Even though July may be the wettest month in Grindelwald, many tourists still come to enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful mountain countryside because July is also the warmest month in Grindelwald. The average highs in July are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with lows around 50. Even on the few days when the weather turns too bad to enjoy outdoor activities, Grindelwald hotels offer a variety of indoor attractions that will keep everyone entertained and happy until the weather clears.